MARCH 28th, 29th & 30th, 2014       

Part of Harbourfront’s NextSteps

Thank you all for making Body Percussion Festival a big success this year!

The inaugural Body Percussion Festival featured dance, voice and other movement arts that created rhythm and music through the body, footwear, and instruments that act as extensions of the body. The initiative for this event came from the belief that body percussion arts provide a vital connection between artists and audiences, between professionals and amateurs, and between those who engage in these arts as a performative practice, a social practice, or simply for the joy of being in their bodies.

The festival was an opportunity to get to know the people involved in these arts at a local and regional level, to introduce national and international artists who have made great contributions to these forms and their communities, and to invite them all to share the stage over three days of educational and performance exchanges.


Artistic Director Viv Moore curated the programme which featured lively cross-disciplinary performances by local, national and international artists, who celebrate all the ways the body makes music. People came to see and hear the surprising and exhilarating possibilities of bare feet, of shoes soled with rubber, wood or metal, of bells around the ankles, of hand-clapping and body-slapping, and the utterances of voice and breath. Even finger-snapping was raised to a spectacular art.

Through an array of styles such as step and clog, gumboot, hambone, flamenco, kathak and beatboxing, many artists shared their virtuosity in a spirit of spontaneity and play.

The first of its kind in Canada, Body Percussion Festival was, in the words of Viv Moore, a “testament to how many forms of dance can be enjoyed by all, and how many points of entry there are into dance... Our hope is that all audience members will return home thinking, ‘Wasn’t that extraordinary!’ but also, ‘I could do that!’ – that it is just the body making sounds, that everybody has a body, and that it all might be possible.”

Special thanks to Producer, Soraya Peerbaye.

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